Production Notes

Adapted for the screen by writer and producer Mahmood Jamal who asserts that when Shakespeare wrote Measure for Measure, the historical situation in England was similar to that of the contemporary Muslim world – with the Puritans of Shakespeare’s days finding their equivalent in the Islamists of today with their obsession with punishment and uniformity of belief, almost a suffocating denial of diversity.

The transition from Shakespeare’s England to Muslim Lahore is almost seamless with the story and dialogue remaining faithful to the original. Shot entirely on location and studios in Lahore, the cinematography (using an Arri Alexa and Cooke lenses) and art direction beautifully capture the atmosphere and architecture of the walled city with its backdrop of narrow streets, Moghul buildings and fabulous mosques. A wonderful setting for Shakespeare’s Elizabethan story with a musical score effortlessly combining Pakistani and British influences - an English flute with Dervish drums! The music also features a strong sound track with two songs performed by renowned Pakistani qawwali singers the Sami Brothers and a couple of songs from Madam Noor Jehan.

With the exception of the DOP the entire crew was made up of young Pakistani technicians, many of them first timers in feature films, who are enthusiastically contributing to the revival of Pakistani cinema and rebirth of Lollywood.

RAHM, directed by Ahmed A. Jamal features some of the best acting talent in Pakistan.